Stakeholders are welcome and encouraged to attend the Commons on EITHER or BOTH days.
However, to maximize productivity, each day has been given a focus:

Friday, May 18th Commons:  Day 1 – Producers
… focus on producing companies: programming, governance, outreach, and strategies to foster diversity in hiring and organizational practices. 
9h – 10h registration/coffee
10h – 11h Introductory Remarks & Reflections
11h – 13h Curated Long Table: Representation – Mirrors, Windows, or Both?
13h – 14h Lunch
14h – 18h working groups, tba
18h – 22h Community Cocktail  
Saturday, May 19th Commons:  Day 2 – Practitioners
… focus on artists & collaborators to address the experience of equity-seeking practitioners, including access, inclusion, and mentorship.
9h – 10h registration/coffee
10h – 11h Recap and Regroup
11h – 13h Community Long Table: Access and Opportunity – Pull Up A Chair
13h – 14h Lunch
14h – 17h working groups, tba                      (ASL Interpreted) 
17h – 18h wrap-up                                
Throughout Through the course of the Commons, synthesizers will compile material to generate a collectively-authored document articulating shared values and a community commitment to promoting and achieving the equitable and inclusive theatre ecology to which we aspire. 

(Caveat: Schedule and activities are subject to change.)