Intimacy for Stage and Screen Workshops
for the Montreal Professional Film/TV and Theatre Community
(December 8 – 10, 2018)

Intimacy for Stage and Screen teaches the language and standards for staging intimacy in a way that is professional, dynamic and focused on storytelling.
Acclaimed Intimacy Director Siobhan Richardson conducts a series of workshops on Intimacy for Stage and Screen for the local professional film/tv and theatre community: December 8-10, 2018.


Offered in collaboration with Playwrights Workshop Montreal …

EXPLORING PRACTICE with Donna-Michelle St. Bernard :
Social Justice as an Engine for Theatrical Creation
(May 17-20, 2018)

A story is a world; a storyteller is a world maker. Your politic is unavoidably in the work, and yet a play is not a polemic. Explore ways to center your story without sidelining your values. Underpin artistic incursions into social justice through inclusive practice and thoughtful process. Consider intentional displacement, diverse cosmologies, universality through specificity, coding for class, introduced vocabularies.


Montreal’s Multidisciplinary Festival for Queer Creators : 
The Rose Festival
(May 11 – 13, 2018)

3 days │ 5 venues │ 20 artists

Run by Queer artists for Queer artists, the Rose Festival provides a platform for Queer voices in Montreal to tell their stories on their own terms, using their own aesthetics and celebrates the diversity of those voices and experiences.


Presented by the Conseil québécois du théâtre (CQT), Diversité artistique Montréal (DAM) and Modern Times Stage Company …

Semaine de la diversité théâtrale La Semaine de la diversité théâtrale
(May 14 – 17, 2018)

Various activities addressing new concepts of artistic exploration at the crossroads of culture and theatrical practice.