for the Montreal Professional Film/TV and Theatre Community: December 8 – 10, 2018



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sponsored by ACTRA Montreal and Canadian Actors’ Equity Association
in partnership with the Segal Centre for Performing Arts
with the support of the Quebec Drama Federation (QDF), the English Language Arts Network (ELAN), and Imago Theatre 



Rehearsal still from Serenity Wild at Summerworks Performance Festival, August 2017. Intimacy Director Siobhan Richardson, Dainty Smith and Julia Matias, co-produced by Tender Container and the frank theatre company. Photo by Blaize Thomas.

Acclaimed Intimacy Director Siobhan Richardson will be conducting a series of workshops on Intimacy for Stage and Screen for the local professional film/tv and theatre community: December 8-10, 2018.

Whether a director, actor, stage manager, or other collaborator – all artists are eventually confronted with scenes of intimacy.[1] The practice of Intimacy Direction and Choreography is a pedagogical approach to handling these moments safely, respectfully, and with confidence.

Intimacy for Stage and Screen teaches the language and standards for staging intimacy in a way that is professional, dynamic and focused on storytelling. Collaborators learn to approach the work efficiently, and to create sustainable, repeatable and compelling choreography that tells a rich story for the audience/viewer, while being mindful of the artists’ physical and emotional well-being. An essential and seamless addition to any process, production or set that is rapidly becoming the industry standard for choreographing intimacy in theatre and film.

This program of workshops for the Montreal professional Film/TV and Theatre Community will equip members of our industries the same tools in dealing with scenes of intimacy as they have when dealing with stunts and combat. Participants will leave with specific techniques for accessing vulnerability without compromising boundaries, as well as the confidence and vocabulary to be empowered artists in work scenarios that are often the most vulnerable.



Scenes of intimacy can be broadly defined as scenes with intimate physical contact, such as sex scenes and kissing. This can be expanded to include the familial intimacy between parents and children, embrace between dear friends, sexual tension and chemistry where no touching occurs, and is also an element in scenes of sexual violence.


2.  WORKSHOP MENU – A Format For Every Level Of Interest!

There are THREE formats of workshop to choose from: different lengths to accommodate the range of interest and availability. Each format is its own complete curriculum; the series is not a sequence (i.e. registering for the ½-Day AND the Full-Day workshops would be redundant).


A.   Overview Presentation – 1.5 hrs
(lecture format, no hands-on participation)
Introduction to The Pillars (Best Practices) and answers to “What are Scenes of Intimacy?” and “What is an Intimacy Director?” The practice of Consent and how it applies in the rehearsal process (without slowing it down). Perfect for those who want an introduction to Intimacy Training.
ACTRA/Equity:  $5
Other Professional:  $10
Full-time student:  free


B.   Intro to Intimacy – 4 hrs
(theory and practical exercises; max 20 participants/session)
As above, with time to explore exercises that begin to access the actor’s physical instrument. Introduction to scene work techniques specific to scenes of Intimacy (no touching required). Brief overview of ACTRA and Equity policies and conditions relating to sex and nudity. Ideal for those who would like to explore Intimacy Training in practice.
ACTRA/Equity:  $15
Other Professional:  $30
(not open to students)

C.   Intimacy Foundations
– 7 hrs
(theory and practical exercises; max 20 participants/session)
As above, but more in-depth.  A critical first look at foundation principles of Intimacy Choreography, including a variety of exercises (Intensity Scale, Connecting Over Distance) and an introduction to the physical vocabulary of touch. Participants will apply principles in short scenes.
Essentially learning for pursuing intimacy direction, and serves as a foundation for further study of Intimacy Direction with Intimacy Directors International (IDI).
ACTRA/Equity:  $40
Other Professional:  $65
(not open to students)
**NB: Those registering for Intimacy Foundations are expected to attend an Overview presentation prior to the Foundations day. (Admission to Overview included in Foundations fee.)




  • If you have visited this page before, please note that some class options have changed. Due to overwhelming demand, Sat-Dec-8th now features a full-day Foundations format. 
  • Each workshop is offered on 2 occasions, to accommodate availability. Select the time and format that that is best for you.
  • Intro is NOT a prerequisite for Foundations; registering for both may entail some repetition of material.
  • For those registering for Foundations, admission to an Overview presentation is included in the session fee. (This is more useful to Mon-Dec-10 Foundations, who have the opportunity to attend an Overview in advance. Participants in the Sat-Dec-8 Foundations are still free to attend a subsequent Overview.) 
Saturday, December 8th
9:30am – 5pm C1.  Foundations
       (Full-Day workshop)
6:30pm – 8pm  A1.  Overview
Sunday, December 9th 
 10am – 2pm  B2.  Intro to Intimacy
         (½-Day workshop)
3pm – 4:30pm    A2.  Overview
6pm – 10pm    B3.  Intro to Intimacy
         (½-Day workshop)
Monday, December 10th
10:30am – 6pm   C2.  Foundations
       (Full-Day workshop)



These workshops are designed for professional practitioners in the Montreal film/tv and theatre community.

  • All disciplines are welcome (directors, movement coaches, performers, stage managers, writers, etc.)
  • Participants must be recognized professionals in the performing arts industries.
  • Practitioners NOT affiliated with a professional union/association may be eligible – 
    • a) if they are full-time employs of a PACT company, or
    • b) upon submission of a CV demonstrating professional practice.
  • Fees for members in good standing of ACTRA and Equity are subsidized.
  • Full-time students enrolled in a recognized theatre/film training program are welcome to register for the Overview.


5.  FEES
  • Overview:  ACTRA/Equity: $5  • Other Professional: $10  •  Full-time Student:  Free
  • Intro to Intimacy:  ACTRA/Equity: $15  • Other Professional: $30  •  Student
  • Intimacy Foundations:  ACTRA/Equity: $40  • Other Professional: $65  • Student

NOTES About Fees:

• Payment IN FULL required to complete your registration. A PayPal link will be forwarded to you upon acceptance of your application.
• Full refund available UP TO 48hrs prior to the start of workshop.
• Cost should not be a barrier to anyone interested/eligible. Please contact the organizers with any related concerns.



Segal Centre for Performing Arts
5170 Côte-Sainte-Catherine         (map)
Montreal, QC    H3W 1M7

Accessibility:  the Segal Centre is wheelchair accessible.

Participants with reduced mobility can access the building via the ramp entrance at 5550 Westbury Ave.



Registration period IS CLOSED.



Intimacy Director, Siobhan Richardson Siobhan Richardson is an Intimacy Director, co-founder of Intimacy Directors International ( and the only person in Canada recognized as an Intimacy Director by Tonia Sina, founder of the Intimacy For The Stage method. Siobhan is quickly building an impressive resume in this field, including several directing and teaching credits across Canada, Europe, and the USA. Directing credits include Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom (Soulpepper), Bunny (Tarragon), Really, Really (Theatre Erindale),  Serenity Wild (Tender Container and the frank theatre company),  Odd One Out (Human Wick Effect), Love and Human Remains (University Players, University of Windsor) Aunt Dan and Lemon (Shadowtime Productions), The Container (Theatre Fix), The Trial of Judith K (Thought For Food Productions), and assistant to Intimacy Choreographer Tonia Sina on The Bakkhai (Stratford Festival, directed by Jillian Keiley). Recent teaching credits include workshops across Canada, Europe and the United States, including numerous post-secondary theatre programs across Ontario. An accomplished speaker, Siobhan has lectured at numerous occasions.  Siobhan is thrilled to be offering education that is contributing to more joyful, more respectful and safer workspaces, bringing Intimacy Directors into the rehearsal hall to support actors and directors in these sensitive moments which are so vital to plot and character development.
Siobhan is also an actor/fighter/singer/dancer, and a fight director/stage combat instructor. In all her work, Siobhan is dedicated to the growth and development of the art form and for the artists in order to support a vibrant and healthy artistic community.



Looking for a little more information about Intimacy Direction?

This series of workshops has been made possible with the generous support of:

Canadian Actors’ Equity Association

Quebec Drama Federation

Workshop Organizing Committee: Deena Aziz, Holly Gauthier-Frankel, Amber Goldfarb, Li Li, Elizabeth Neale



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